Eastern phoebe baby

The eastern phoebe is a type of flycatcher that Mark and I have had the pleasure of seeing at our cabin in northern Michigan. Doorframes and other human-made structures are preferred spots for eastern phoebes, and our front door frame seems to meet their needs. The photo below shows an eastern phoebe nest up close, …

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The Next Generation

On Memorial Day weekend 2022 family came together from Germany, California and Ann Arbor to see Opa Opa (Mark) and Oma Amy (me) in the Lansing area. We did simple things, like walk on a nature trail, play at a playground, and eat ice cream. As I enjoyed myself and photographed, I was taken by …

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Animals, a Song

This is for my granddaughter, Sofia. We went to the Binder Park Zoo in 2021, during which I started working on this song. When I finished the song, I knew I just needed a photo of the two of us, which was taken by her mom, Rebecca Oemke, at the Potter Park Zoo (in Lansing) …

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The marriage proposal

Mark and I hadn’t planned on being in Houston, Texas, in April 2021, but for various reasons, we needed to be. And once there, while we did plan to escape the concrete area around our motel to visit a Japanese garden, I had no idea that instead of photographing birds with feathers, we’d witness two …

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Homosassy Springs

4/1/2018 Sunday, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day We sleep in until 8 and finally force ourselves to go to McDonald’s where there is a new kiosk customers can use to place their orders.  There is nobody behind the counter and the only visible worker is standing next to the new kiosk.  As she takes …

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