From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds

“I wanted the book — for the funny takes on her life — reminding me of Erma Bombeck — and for what happened along the way and how they survived the challenges and succeeded. This is a romantic story, btw, and I sympathized with both of them as they felt their way along the path to marriage and beyond.”

★★★★★ — Joy V. Smith

From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds is a humorous yet compelling story of a woman who fell hook, line and thousands of dollars in sinkers for a guy with four kids and enough fishing tackle to sink a small boat.

It has 70 tips that are helpful for stepmothers and future stepmothers, and it’s a fun read for any woman who bit off more than she bargained for and gained even more in the end.

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Paperback Edition

I thoroughly enjoyed this quick, easy read. I was hooked after the first couple of pages. Being a step-mom myself, I could totally relate.

★★★★★ — J. King

Entertaining story about the trials and tribulations of dating a divorcee and his kids.
Awkward moments give way to good insight about the situations. Should be a must-read for any future stepmom.

★★★★★ — R. Oemke

This book has caused me all kinds of trouble.  I got it yesterday.  I couldn’t help but start to read it and it was dinner time.  I didn’t even want to think about fixing dinner so I just kept reading.  Finally my husband got a little gruff and said, “Well, are we going to eat or are you just going to read all night.”

I love the book.  I read a little more today and will probably finish it by the weekend.

★★★★★ — C. Garvey
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