Fishy Secrets

The problem with fishing is that when fishing goes well, fishermen are usually willing to share somewhat reliable information about their catch, but they often won’t give details about where they were fishing, exactly, and what they were using, exactly, and what color was working, exactly.  Indeed, from the average fisherman you are more likely …

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What’s Black and White and Cute All Over?

As with the kiwi, New Zealand’s penguins need people to help them survive.  And as with the kiwi,  New Zealanders are doing just that.  The folks at the Penguin Place have been helping protect yellow-eyed penguins on the Otago Peninsula, outside of Dunedin, since 1985.  New Zealanders say yellow-eyed penguins are the rarest penguins in the world, numbering …

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The 20 Minute Waxwing

Last weekend, a small flock of cedar waxwings appeared in our backyard and stayed for about twenty minutes before moving on.  I watched them through our bay window for a few minutes and noticed that the more energetic cedar waxwings sprung off a tree branch, flew in a fluttery, looping pattern after an insect, and returned to …

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Here Today, Gone Today

Last Friday after work, I sat down under a pine tree at the water’s edge to unwind from another week in my cubicle.   About 100 yards away was a floating, feathery flotilla that my 400mm zoom lens showed were four ruddy ducks.  Their heads were tucked under their wings,  which meant they were napping, and a light wind seemed to be …

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