The Next Generation

On Memorial Day weekend 2022 family came together from Germany, California and Ann Arbor to see Opa Opa (Mark) and Oma Amy (me) in the Lansing area. We did simple things, like walk on a nature trail, play at a playground, and eat ice cream. As I enjoyed myself and photographed, I was taken by unprompted way that Sofia, six, from Germany, took care of `lil Alex, two, from Michigan, and how Alex took care of Opa Opa, helping him up a hill. I’d seen many occasions over the years where Mark’s kids stepped up and took care of each other; I couldn’t have been happier to see that the next generation will do the same.

Sofia (from Germany) and Alex (from Ann Arbor).

With no prompting, Sofia made sure Alex’ quest up the slide was a safe one.

Alex saw me put my hands behind my back to help Mark up a hill and at the next hill, did something similar.

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