The marriage proposal

Mark and I hadn’t planned on being in Houston, Texas, in April 2021, but for various reasons, we needed to be. And once there, while we did plan to escape the concrete area around our motel to visit a Japanese garden, I had no idea that instead of photographing birds with feathers, we’d witness two love birds.

Man proposing on a bridge at a Japanese garden in Houston.

The couple had family and friends nearby, some some hiding in the nearby shrubbery, some a little more obvious.

One of the more obvious family/friends witnessing the proposal.

The young lady realized–or was told–there were more family/friends witnessing the proposal.

As I snapped photos, it seemed that I was witnessing numerous expressions of surprise and happiness.

She’s like: “Really?”

Here she’s checking out the ring and seems to like it. Here, I’m wishing I’m about a foot taller so I could photograph the ring.

After she saw the ring she did this. I was thinking, “She’s just going to hug him?!”

But then she sealed it with a kiss.

As I was saying, “Phew!” to myself, family members standing next to me cheered and clapped. Then the young lady took her fiance’ by the hand, walked off the bridge and greeted family and friends.

Afterwards, a women I was standing nearby asked if I had gotten some good photos. I told her I didn’t know–that I couldn’t see the tiny replay screen on my camera without my reading classes–but that I’d review them and send her any good ones. She gave me a business card with her personal email on it, and a couple of days later, I sent what I had and received a very gracious note in return.

Five days later, Mark and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary, still in Texas, but on the coast, relaxing, thanks to a friend. We don’t know what the future has in store for us, any more than the young couple does. But we are as blessed as the young couple, surrounded by friends and family to help us through wherever it is the road next takes us.

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