Profound Thoughts on Turning 50

After 50 years on this planet, I had hoped to have some really profound things to share with friends, family and people younger than me. You can see for yourself how this panned out:

*If dogs are man’s best friend, Dusty is Mark’s best friend and not me.  Hm.

Mark's best friend.

*If people greeted each other like dogs greet people, we’d generally be a happier lot.

*Hamsters are not good spokesmen for exercise:  they can run 8 miles a night on their wheels  but only live for 6-24 month, while I might go 2 miles on my elliptical machine every other day and have lived 50 years.

Two hamsters trying to use the same wheel in spite of having their own.

*If I did “the weasel war dance” every time I got excited about something, I would be committed to a mental institution.

Smiggles in the midst of a "weasel war dance."

*If I had the temperament of my cat, Purrkins, people would say I’m rude.

Purrkins snubbing me.

*Men should not be allowed to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and start playing with their blankets to create static electricity under their covers while going, “How cool is that?”

*Maturity is over-rated.

Hm, not sure what to say about this one.

*Having 4 adult stepkids at one’s birthday party makes for a very good time. 

My four awesome stepkids.

*You can never take too many photos.

Holly with my Dad and me the last time we went shooting together.

*It is possible for a sibling to send a list of “50 Things I Love About You” a year in advance.  (Thanks, Aby!)

The present I got from my sister last year.

*The previous bullet also shows that family can always be counted on even if some family members cannot count.

*Siblings can make up the rules as they go along.  (Below is the “wrap-it-yourself” birthday card and paper my brother sent shortly after I received an unwrapped present in the mail).

The wrap-it-yourself instructions from my brother.

Clearly, this isn’t profound.  And clearly, I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet.

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9 years ago

Amy, Love your writing. As I approach 60 things haven’t changed. I still make mistakes, wish I hadn’t done that, could be nicer sometimes, wish I could be ruder other times. Glad you made it this far and can appreciate all the wonders that still fill your life.


9 years ago

When did you get glasses?

Vision plan isn’t so great, eh?

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