On the Passing of a Ferret

Holly and I named her Smiggles
because she smiled when she wiggled.

She played with both of the boys,
and stole some of Dusty’s stuffed toys.


She liked boxes and bags and anything new.
She once was so small she fit in Mark’s shoes.

She liked Pop-tarts . . .

. . . and cat food and ferret food, too

and super fresh water she got from her “pool.”

When she got tired, she curled up in some clothes,
and covered herself, including her nose.

But all things that wiggle must cease to one day.
Our Smiggles has gone up to heaven to play.

Only Chip now remains; she’s our last ferret friend.
We both miss Smiggles, who smiled `til the end.

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11 years ago

I’m sorry for your loss but happy you had such a heartwarming companion.

10 years ago

I am sorry to hear about your loss of Smiggles.

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