New Zealand – Week 2, Take 2

During our second week in New Zealand I discovered that I should have brought my computer to NZ rather than “renting” time on a clunky old computer at our hotels.  See, in NZ, you generally buy 10-30 minutes of time to use a NZ computer, and if you’re quick, you’ll think that 10 minutes will be enough time to check mail and compose a blog posting.  So I started with 10 minutes by putting in a $2 coin and ended up watching the timer at the top of the computer go from 10 minutes to 9 to 8 to 7, and found myself writing faster and faster as if I’d entered a typing contest.  I was about to finish the text of my blog posting when I saw that I had no time to edit what I wrote, let alone include a photo.  I began editing furiously, when suddenly the computer started to beep–and rather loudly–to let me know I had 25 seconds to either wrap things up or put in a new coin.  So I had to to decide:  Do I save what I drafted without a photo, or just go ahead and post it?  I quickly saved my draft, coughed up another $2 coin and spent the next 10 minutes watching the old computer slowly try to download a photo I took of a kiwi.  You know, the bird?  Very cute and odd and a real novelty in NZ.  I really do have a photograph of one.  And I really took it.

I bagged my original version of New Zealand – Week 2, because I wanted to write about kiwis.  But we’ll have to cover kiwis later.  When I’m home.  On my computer.  And can do a blog posting without worrying about a timer going off and time running out.  I got 2 minutes.  Gotta go.

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12 years ago

Oh how sadly I can sympathize with you here!
Internet cafes were a blessing and a curse in Germany!
Good luck, many hugs!

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