What Winter Dogs Wear: Lansing, Michigan

When Mark and I got Dusty and Little Dipper, people asked us if we were going to dress our dogs in little outfits.  We said no, maybe even “No way!”   The thing is, when our dogs are really fuzzy, they stay perfectly warm in the winter, but when we get them trimmed, they shiver when they go outside.  So while it was never our intent, it just happened.

And, well, it continued to happen.

This is what the dogs wear during mild weather, like the mid-winter thaw we recently had.
Little Dipper sporting her favorite three-season shirt.
This is what the dogs wear when it’s around 40 degrees.
Little Dipper in a sweatshirt.

This is what the dogs wear when it’s closer to 30 degrees.
Dusty in a sweater.

This is what the dogs wear when it gets down to 20 degrees.

Little Dipper in her cold weather jacket.

And this is what the dogs wear when it’s 10 degrees or colder.  It’s a blanket.  Because even dogs know when it’s too cold to go outside.
Little Dipper under a blanket on the couch.

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  1. Oh my gosh! How totally cute! Makes me want to get a doggy, just so you guys can dress him! Fantastic pictures, they are super adorable!

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