Stupid butterfly name

I shot this photograph in June 2009 while visiting my aunt, uncle and cousin in Alabama, and was amazed at its blue, black, white and orange colors.  Since I hadn’t seen this before, I asked LepdoMan to identify it.  LepdoMan is a biologist and co-worker who collects, studies and pretty much knows everything about moths and butterflies, which are of the insect family Lepidoptera.  LeptoMan said the butterfly is a red-spotted purple. 

Red-spotted purple butterfly
Red-spotted purple butterfly

 I blinked, focused harder on the photograph, and pointed out that I didn’t see any red or purple in my photo.  He said that on the other side of its wings–and in the right light–it looks kind of red and purple-ish.

But on the side I photographed and in most light it doesn’t. 

In fact, I looked online and didn’t find a single picture that was very red and purple-ish.

So thanks for your help LeptoMan, but given the lack of red or purple in this butterfly, I am adding this to my list of poorly named critters.

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