A Conversation with my Dad, Circa 2009

Phone rings and the voice on the other end says:

“Hello, this is Me.  Is this You?”

“Yes, it’s Me.”

“Well, it’s Me calling, and Me doesn’t call Me.  So who am Me speaking with?”

Uh. Rats.  “You?”

“That’s what Me thought.  How are things?”

“What kind of things?  Little things or big things?”

“Anythings,” he said.

“Those are different.  So I—that is, You—must say that all things are fine.  Me?”


“Excellent. Now that we’ve got…” I blunder.

“Who’s We?”

“You and Me is We right now.”

“So We are.”  

“Are Me and Norma coming to visit soon?”

“Indeed, Me and Norma are coming to visit soon.” 

“Excellent.  We will be here.”

“Wait.  How can We be here if You and Me are We and not together?”

“Well, ‘We’ changes depending on who’s here.”

“Which here? I have a here, too,” he snickers.

After thinking about this for a second, “You’s house.”

“So here is You’s house.  Okay, then Me and Norma are coming to see You here.”

“Sounds great.  Let You know when the date is.”

“Today’s date is…”

“When the date You and Mark should expect Me and Norma.”

“Sounds good.  Meanwhile, You have a great day.”

“Me too.  Love Me!

“Me love You, too!”

My dad lost his battle to cancer in 2012. Damn I miss him.

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