Spring is in the Air . . . and on the Ground

Over the last couple of weeks, geese began calling out in the night again and song birds started waking me up before my alarm clock.  When morning dawns, I can look out across the lake and see a pair of mute swans curled up on the ice.  
Mute swans on my lake in Michigan.

The swans resting on the ice made me wonder what other signs of spring are not only in the air, but also on the ground.  On a walk to the nearby Rose Lake Wildlife Research Area last weekend, Mark and I stumbled upon several critters on the melting snow.   Like this bug. 

Bug cruising across the snow.

And this insect.

Stonefly posing for a photo.

And this spider.

A small spider on the snow.

And this spider:

Itsy bitsy spider on the snow.

Having found spring in the air and on the ground, we sat by our bay window to watch for more signs of spring.  We found spring in the trees.

Fox squirrel licking sap.

And we found spring on our deck. 

Fox squirrel eating an orange.

 The orange slices were meant to attract Baltimore orioles.  It just goes to show that we don’t really know who’ll show when spring is in the air.

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