Pups in the snow

Mid-Michigan only reached a high of 20 degrees this weekend, and on such cold days, the choice between being in the great outdoors and snuggling on our couch and its pile of pillows and fuzzy blankets is not a hard one.   But toasty and warm as I am inclined to be, come around 4:00 or so, this little face shows up and looks up at me.
Little Dipper.

If I don’t get up and take her for a walk right away, she’ll sit nearby and stare at me, and after a few impatient minutes, start whining.   It’s too much, and I soon find myself getting up, putting on layer after layer of clothes and heading out with her and Dusty.  Sometimes we wander around the back yard, sometimes we run out on the lake, sometimes we tromp to a nearby field.  They seem to enjoy it all.

Little Dipper sharing her exuberance in the snow.
Dusty dashing through the snow.
Both dogs  also like to stick their faces in the snow and sniff around.  Dipper usually does this by running with her face in the snow.
Dipper running, face-down in the snow.

 Dusty takes his time when looking for things in the snow.

Dusty after spending time face-down in the snow.

There’s something rewarding about seeing the pups happy.

The happy outdoor adventurerer.

And getting outside in the fresh air with my pals.

Dusty and me.

And it helps knowing that what awaits us is the couch with fuzzy blankets and pillows.

Dusty after a winter jaunt.

Or, perhaps a cozy laundry basket instead.

Dipper napping after a walk.
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